Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Rings For Sale

Bia'a El-Khawatem
(Baalbeck 1964)
The Plot and Quick Notes:
The Moukhtar of a small village claims that he fights someone called Rajeh. Some of the villagers question his stories because none of them has seen this Rajeh. Almoukhtar says he always fights him trying to defend the villagers from his evil. He brings his niece Rima as a witness to his claims. Almoukhtar, later, tells Rima that it was all his idea so that the people will enjoy his tales. But some goons in the village exploit the story and start menacing around, and Rajeh gets the blame. The events coincide with the annual singles festival where all still unmarried young people try to find someone to marry. In the midst of all this, someone called Rajeh arrives. He first meets with Rima. When he tells her his name, she gets scared and tells her uncle about her encounter. Elmoukhtar tells Ashawish about Rajeh’s arrival and they form search groups. Fadlou and Eed think of escaping from Rajeh because they think he knows they used his name to cover their crimes. On the night of engagements, Rajeh meets with Elmoukhtar and the villagers. He tells them that he only came to them with his merchandise, rings and scarves, which he will give to them for free in exchange that Elmoukhtar would give him Rima as a wife for his son. When asked for her opinion, Rima agrees so that their story will continue. Almoukhtar catches Fadlou and Eed and sentence Eed to marry Zbayda and Fadlou to work for her.
The play was turned into a film later in 1964. There are a lot of differences between the two versions. Even some songs are missing from the film and others have different arrangements like Alouli Ken. Some of the characters have different roles too. Philemon Wehbe plays as Almouhandes in the play while he takes the role of poultry store owner in the film. Unlike the other films, Rings for Sale doesn't have a soundtrack, but the play tapes/CDs can be also used as the soundtrack for the film.

Fairuz ... Rima
Nasri Shameseddine ... Elmoukhtar
Joseph Nassif... Fadlou
Elie Chouieri ... Eed
Philemon Wehbe ... Sabe'h Elmouhandes
Written by the Rahbani Borthers. The music of 'Al Ali Eldar' and 'Ya Mirsal El Marasil' were written
by Philemon Wehbe.

CD1 54'05"

Listen to: Laymti Rah Dal & Taa Woula Tiji

1. First Introduction 1'30"
2. Ya Moukhtar 2'30"
3. Ahla Rima 1'39"
4. Al Ali Eldar 2'58"
5. Laymti Rah Dal 1'44"
6. Taa Woula Tiji 3'04"
7. I'd Wou Fadlou 2'03"
8. Fi Awamer 2'43"
9. Zihou Estafou 2'13"
10. Immi Namet 2'09"
11. Ya Nawateer 6'09"
12. Ya Hajal Sannine 3'20"
13. Marti Waetni 1'06"
14. Tiri Ya Roufouf 2'55"
15. Shou Hal Ayta 2'22"
16. Hayed Hayed 1'56"
17. Badna Al Tourkat 3'25"
18. Gomr el Ghadayer 3'05"
19. Hayet Hal Moukhtar 2'43"
20. Tallou El Siyadi 4'29"

CD2 48'19"
Listen to: Ya Mirsal El Marasil

1. Second Introduction 1'04"
2. Ya Mirsal El Marasil 3'35"
3. Masa El Kheir 1'23"
4. Ya Rima Indi Fikra 2'05"
5. Layl Bsahetna 2'06"
6. Ya Helwet Eldar 3'30"
7. Alouli kin 3'33"
8. Ya Helwi Shou Haltali 1'51"
9. Hayadou El Hilwin 3'17"
10. Badi Aref Kif 1'26"
11. Ya Bnayat Wein Kintou 4'15"
12. Bramna Bil Ghabi 1'57"
13. Rajeh Baadak Ma Filayt 1'41"
14. Mawsem El Khotbi 1'37"
15. Tolli Edhakilou 1'01"
16. Bihdourak Ya Moukhtar 2'27"
17. Baddi El Khawatem 3'39"
18. Ya Biyaa El Khawatem 2'25"
19. Ya Moukhtar 1'26"
20. Ala Mahlak 1'19"
21. Ghar Yektof Ghar 2'42"
Approx. Time 102'24" - VDLCD 584/585

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