Wednesday, September 21, 2005


"The voice of Fairouz embodies love, I include in the word "love": nostalgia, sublimation, remorse, pardon, seduction, innocence, repression, goodness, prayer and desire.

Others sang of love more than Fairouz did, but each of her songs intrinsically celebrates love. Her voice inspires internal communication of which no tiny particle is squandered on superficiality.

Every time a person falls in love he thinks he is the first to know love. Every time you listen to Fairouz you feel that her voice was just born for you. In my estranged country her voice was my only friend.

A lot was said to explain my love for the voice of Fairouz except the truth; the truth is that I sense in it more than a mere magical dimension: sometimes I sense a frightened child in need of help, some other times I see the most beautiful woman: the imaginary woman.

That child is our childhood, that woman is our dream.

What I failed to find in mankind I found in a voice. The voice of Fairouz is the revenge I take for that big lie we call life."

Ounsi El Hage

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