Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Child Just Open Her Eyes

I'm the sad Palestinian girl, who is talking from a disastrous place.
I always feel so afraid, in every day, in every second .
I live in a place, which perhaps is impossible to live in. Bombs, rocks, and victims, that all what we see on T.V or what we know about, even the wind hit us. My name as an example. Is like my country's name , my parents named me this name , to feel that I belong to my country . We as teenagers in Palestine, dream to live in a free country, to enjoy our life, not just feel suffering .all the world can see, and knows the deference between us and the other teenagers, we wish to do what they do. We want to know why 70% of the people in our country suffering. Why the babies can't go to school. They were shoted. I want to tell the world a shout of pain. Our babies who are like the butterfly, why they cant feel their freedom, and fly with them. I ask the world to feel our suffering.
Just I want one explanation for our situation.

Posted By : Summar

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